Why choose polycarbonate for your smartphone protection

September 15, 2017

Dropping your smartphone isn’t a rare occasion. As useful as smartphones are, they are easy to damage. These expensive gadgets can easily get scratched as well. To minimize the chances of damage to your phone, it is best to protect it with a case. There are various designs and materials of phone cases in the market. Plastic cover cases, specifically polycarbonate cases are what we recommend.

Polycarbonate versus other materials

Although metal cases and leather cases have their perks, they have a lot of downsides too. Metal gets way too heavy making your phone lose the concept of a light weight smartphone. It adds a lot of bulk and weight to the phone body as well. Along with that, metal heats up and gets cold very easily. This means a nightmare in winters as well as in summers. As for leather cases, they are not vegan friendly. Secondly, leather is likely to expire in a short period of time.

A plastic phone case is a much better option. There isn’t the temperature issue. It is a light weight material as well. Plastic cover case can last you a long time no matter how roughly you use it.

Sturdier, stronger and better

Polycarbonate is a thicker plastic. This doesn’t mean it is bulkier, but in fact this means that it has the capacity to absorb more energy. Let’s imagine a scenario. If something falls off a building and lands on the ground, it is highly like that it would shatter to a million pieces. On the contrary, if the object fell from the same height but landed on a mattress, it would not be damaged at all. This happens because the thickness of the mattress allows the energy from the object to be absorbed by the mattress, resulting in minimal loss. The polycarbonate plastic cover case acts like a mattress around the phone.

Cute and stylish

The market now offers hundreds of designs of phone cases. You can find a plain plastic phone case, one with cute graphics or a sleek sophisticated one. The options are endless. A lot of places offer personalized phone covers as well.

As for standard polycarbonate plastic cover cases, you have the basic solid colored ones. They come in different opacities too. Other than that, there are ones with inspirational quotes. They are perfect to give you a push towards the right direction when you feel a bit low during the day. Funny one liners and other innovative ideas have been implemented in phone case designing as well. You can also get ones with your favorite cartoon or movie characters.

We highly recommend you get a plastic phone case for your smartphone. You can gift it to your friends or family too. Not only will the case protect your phone, it will truly represent your character through your phone. Skip being basic and add a pop with a stylish polycarbonate case.

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