Samsung S8 And S8 Plus Wallet Cases

The samsung s8 and s8 plus wallet cases are a multifunctional designed wallet, just take a look at some of the available images, they say everything about this fantastic wallet case. Made of pu leather a durable material. You have storage for a large number of your bank cards, I.D cards, etc. all secured with a snap-cap closure button. A zipper compartment for more storage for cash, earphones and other personal items. The cover case for your mobile phone has a magnetic back which is secured inside the wallet, and has unrestricted access to all your phones features and controls, the cover case can be removed from the wallet and used separately. Three colour variants to choose from for these fantastic samsung s8 and s8 plus wallet cases, plus a wrist strap for carrying purposes.

Made of PU Leather

Colours. Black. Brown. Rose-red.

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